• Cement Process

    Cement Process

    Our experienced engineers understand the cement industry and production process from concept to completion. This knowledge and expertise gives us the tools to evaluate your current situation and develop strategies to help you meet your goals. We can recommend solutions to make your system the best possible within your individual constraints and support your operation after we supervise startup and commission your system.

  • PCS7


    With many successful projects all over the world—and as a Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 Solution Partner—our engineers have the experience required to handle PCS7, the advanced distributed control system for integrated automation developed by Siemens. Our experience with PCS7 solutions and libraries such as SIMINE and CEMAT allow us to completely and safely integrate PCS7 into your existing or new process application.

  • Virtualization


    In today’s rapidly advancing world of computer hardware, our experience and installation base of virtualized DCS and process control systems make us a knowledgeable partner to keep your existing control system operating for years to come—without the worry of being forced into an upgrade by aging computer hardware.

Profi-Vision is the global leader in providing engineering and automation solutions.

At Profi-Vision, our customer-oriented, professional staff is experienced in developing innovative engineering and automation solutions in the field of process control. From automation integration in existing facilities to turnkey solutions for new installations, our depth of experience in the automation industry results in solutions that fit your industry, site, and budget.

Profi-Vision provides global automation and support services through our U.S. office located in Allentown, Pennsylvania





Basic engineering services include feasibility studies, audits, planning, design, and development of computerized automation systems related to the process control and power distribution industries. Our teams of experienced engineers manage the project through all stages of development, from idea conception to solution delivery.

Our consulting engineers combine managerial expertise, technical capabilities, and financial and business knowledge to provide comprehensive services to ensure we help our clients meet their business objectives.

We carry out the planning, design, and integration management of Computer Information Systems, Local Area Networks (LAN), and Wide Area Networks (WAN) to support Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Human Machine Interface (HMI), and Real-Time Database Systems.

Software engineering services include control system migrations, new control system layout and design, as well as historian and business system integration. Our teams of experienced software engineers manage the control system software development through all stages of the project, from customer specifications to final installation and validation. With years of process knowledge, our engineers not only program the control system to the customer specifications but are able to offer process optimization suggestions throughout the project.

Hardware engineering services are developed on the basis of feasibility studies and detailed customer specifications. Our experienced engineering teams always develop the hardware detail engineering together with the customer and with the installation process in mind. Customer-specific hardware tools enable the best project development at the lowest cost. The customer can always rely on the know-how and experience we have assembled through years of working with various CAD systems.

Computer virtualization is valuable tool with many uses in a control system. As a VMware Solution Provider, Profi-Vision staff has extensive experience in virtualization partial control systems, complete control systems, historical archive systems, and lab data management systems. The benefits of virtualization can be realized when implementing new systems and by converting existing systems to a virtualized platform.